Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gift Books for Holidays

The book I'm wishing for this holiday season is ________!  If your child can fill in the blank, then by all means, get them (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Inheritance, Wonderstruck,) you get the idea.  However, if there is not that one special book they are longing for, I would recommend NOT getting them a novel for under the tree.  Surprised!  Dismayed! Shocked that a children's book blogger would say such things!

Well, let me give you my take.  There are wonderful times to give novels - a special birthday gift, a surprise present just because you were thinking of them, a dreaded car/plane ride.  However, when the time comes to rush over to the tree on Christmas morning and tear into the bounty, a novel is probably not going to be the gift that gets a second look (unless they have requested it, see above!)

However, that does not mean that all books are off limits for the holidays.  There are plenty of non traditional books that your kids will actually not toss off to the side.  They are not novels, but still, it's nice to see them curled on the couch in the afternoon, enjoying a book that is not a book.  And you will smile.

One addendum -  I do think picture books for younger children are good holiday gifts.  Let's be honest, they will pick the one toy they like that day, more often than not a box, and when you need a little down time with them, pulling out a new book can be a lovely moment.

So here are my books (that are not books) that I recommend for the holidays.  Don't forget to "like" me on Facebook to get updates on new weekly posts!

Title:          The Big Book of Boy Stuff
Author:     Bart King
What this book is about:

This book is all about fun for boys.  I love that when you take the jacket cover off, the book is entitled Physics, so it can really go anywhere!  Some of the activities may cross over the border of social niceties, but they are guaranteed to make your boy laugh!  There are chapters on experiments, gross stuff, magic, explosions and dumb directions on products (this one made my boys laugh out loud.)  It may make a mom a little squeamish, but it is all in good fun.

To purchase, visit your local bookshop, or click here  The Big Book of Boy Stuff

There is also a Big Book of Girl Stuff.  While I have not read it, it has garnered very good reviews.  If it is anything akin the boy version, it should be a big hit!

To purchase, visit your local bookshop, or click here The Big Book of Girl Stuff

Title:          This Book Made Me Do It
Author:     John Woodward
What this book is about:

Learn how to do a variety of things to amaze your friends and entertain your family.  The fun of this book is the variety of activities you can try.  Learn to use chopsticks, make origami animals, pan for gold, make gooey slime, find a magic number, walk through paper, measure a tree’s height....the list goes on and on!  Plenty of graphics and how to’s make this book fun to look through and pick out your next adventure/project!

To purchase, visit your local bookshop, or click here This Book Made Me Do It

Title:          The Truth About My Name
Author:     Karen Phillips
What this book is about:

This is a wonderful Klutz book and I have included it because my whole family had so much fun predicting our future based on our name.  Just so you know, I will live in an apartment in Japan, apparently I will be a horse trainer with a tortoise as a pet, I will drive a buggy (guess that horse training comes in handy) and my six kids will sit in the back.  If I were a guy, I would be named Tyler, but my friends would call me Duke.  You get the idea.  We all had so much fun seeing what our names revealed about us.  Definitely a fun gift!

To purchase, visit your local bookshop, or click here The Truth About My Name: and What it Reveals About Me! (Klutz)

Ivy and Bean Paper Dolls (Ivy & Bean)

Title:               Ivy and Bean Paper Dolls

Illustrator:   Sophie Blackall

Why I love this:

Ok, you got me!  This is not a book, but it is a set of paper dolls based on a book, so I am counting it anyway!  My daughter will be seeing this under the tree come December so please don't tell her!  I think it is a lovely gift to recreate one of my favorite book series for young girls.  My daughter has grown to love these characters, so I hope she will enjoy this play set!

To purchase, visit your local bookshop, or click here Ivy and Bean Paper Dolls (Ivy & Bean)

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