Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Father's Day Books

Well we can't forget Father's Day on June 17th.  Thought I should post some fun books to share with Dad!  They are a perfect gift idea for the hard to buy for father.  Who wouldn't love to sit down on the couch with their little one and read a book about how great dad is, or how Darth Vader and son enjoy the day, or even plan a project to build with your handy dad!

I hope these books add some fun and appreciation for our fabulous fathers!

This is the perfect Father’s Day book and the dot illustrations are just charming.  Our hero - Dad - doesn’t have super strength (mom opens the jars,) he doesn’t have a force field (flying pea shooters can hit his nose,) and he can’t lift trains over his head (even the box of trains in the garage provides a significant challenge.)  What dad can do is spend time with his son, even when his son eats all the popcorn or beats him for the umpteenth time at battleship.
Fun humor that shows dad is not a superhero but instead a super good dad!  An endearing book with good chuckles thrown in!

To purchase, click here: My Dad, My Hero

The perfect Father's Day gift for the Star Wars loving dad!  Of course anything is funnier with Darth Vader, but this book presumes that the Dark Lord takes an active role in raising his son: taking him to the zoo, playing baseball (with light sabers) and going to "take your son to work day" on the Death Star.

While the jokes may be too subtle for younger kids, fathers will love the humor on managing a four year old combined with Star Wars references! 

To purchase, click here: Darth Vader and Son (Star Wars (Chronicle)) 

Handy Dad is a great book for the dad who loves to get out there with a drill bit and a circular saw!  The book is divided into Easy Projects, Afternoon Projects and Weekend Projects and provides step by step instructions for creating such things as a Water Pressurized Rocket, a Skate Longboard and a Go-Cart.

This is like a wish book of all the cool things kids would love to build and play on with their dad!  Now get out there and build a Water-Balloon Launcher!

To purchase, click here: Handy Dad: 25 Awesome Projects for Dads and Kids

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