Friday, November 8, 2013

Cheetah Can't Lose for Picture Book Friday

It's Picture Book Friday and there is no holding me back!  Today, I am profiling a book by Bob Shea.  I actually got to see this book before it was published when Bob came to my kid's school last year, so it was quite exciting to enjoy the finished product.  I know that his other new book Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great has been garnering a lot of attention lately, and while I enjoyed the book, Cheetah was just more fun for me to read to kids.  While it may be the book with less fanfare, I do think it is the one with more kid appeal!

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Title:       Cheetah Can't Lose

Author:   Bob Shea

Target:    Preschool - Grade 3

What this book is about:
It's the day of the big race and Cheetah is ready to go.  He knows he is the fastest cat around and that the kittens really have no chance of winning ... or do they?  The little cats devise a series of pre race contests designed to slow Cheetah down, and with Cheetah's big ego, he falls for everyone of them.  But when the little cats prevail in the big race, will they take the prize or perhaps realize that winning the wrong way never feels quite right?  Well, you will just have to read the book to see how this one turns out.  You're on pins and needles ... I can tell.

Why I love this book:
Great humor for both adults and kids in this book.  You won't mind reading it many times over!  There are just so many fun things to play up in this story.  Cheetah's big ego provides a bevy of comic moments that as the reader you can easily get into the character and have kids laughing at his antics.

I also enjoyed the illustrations which are used to move the story along.  Our little cats don't admit what they are doing to Cheetah, but it is written all over their faces.  The kids can find clues to their intent in the pictures.

Who this book is for:
A good choice for kids who love to laugh and get caught up in a good story.

Final thoughts:
Another winner for Bob Shea!  Give this guy a medal.

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