Monday, February 2, 2015

Science Fiction Book for Kids

When I was a kid, science fiction books were all the rage.  I mean Star Treck was out, Disneyland had Tomorrow Land and we could see a future with metallic clothing, flying cars and meals on demand (from a computer ... not your mother.)

Somewhere along the line science fiction books just stopped being as prevalent, maybe in place of dystopian books.  But now that STEM is back in vogue we are seeing books that involve technology and inventions and science fiction is peeking it's head back in.  Maybe it's not always in the form of interplanetary travel but it does have an emphasis on inventions and industrial science.

Today I have a wonderful science fiction book for you. Any kid who loves inventions will marvel at the things developed in this story.  Both my son and I declare this one a can't put down read!

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Title: Tesla’s Attic

Authors:Neal Shusterman & Eric Elfman

Target:Grade 4-7


What this book is about: 
Nick finds an attic full of junk in the new house his dad inherits.  He decides to have a garage sale to clear it all out and strangely people are drawn from all over to pay top dollar for seemingly useless items.  But it turns out the items have special abilities.  A wet battery cell can bring dead things back to life, an old baseball mitt can change the direction of balls in the air and a reel to reel recorder plays back not what you say, but what you are really thinking.  When it becomes evident that a secret society, the Accelerati are after these inventions, Nick is on a quest, with his friends, to not only find the items, but fend off this menacing group.

Why I love this book:
I read quite a few book where kids are taking on secret societies, but I loved the scientific and gadget take on this one.  I also really enjoyed the cast of friends surrounding Nick.  They are quirky, funny and they made me laugh.  

The book itself is a little scary with some sad moments, but the authors always seems to interject some levity into a situation with one of their idiosyncratic characters.  The action was nonstop and it was a can’t put down read.

Who this book is for: 
Kids who like action and science should be drawn to this book.  Nice entrant into the science fiction category for kids.

Final thoughts: 
I had seen this book for several months and loved the title, but the cover just never inspired me to pick it up.  Wish they had spent more time creating a compelling cover because it pales in comparison to excitement of the book.

To purchase this book:
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