Friday, April 1, 2016

Night of the Living Worms - Clever Early Chapter Book

I love books with clever word play and puns galore, so I was delighted with the book I am profiling today.  Throw in silly and you have a winner in my book, especially if it is targeted for early chapter book readers.

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Title: Night of the Living Worms

Author: Dave Coverly

Target: Grades 2-4

Series: No, but I can see it becoming one

What this book is about: 
Speed Bump is a bird with small wings, short tail feathers and a rather big head.  He flies slowly and oversleeps every morning.  As luck would have it, his brother Early Bird is always up on time and gets the worm!  Yes, he’s that guy.  Feeling sorry for himself, Speed Bump gets his friend Sling Shot to accompany him on a nighttime adventure which proves to be a turning point as they hatch a plan to save an unsuspecting Early Bird from Nightcrawler, a vengeful worm who wants to take him down.

Why I love this book:
  • This book is full of clever puns, wordplay and smart humor that will have both kids and adults laughing.  
  • I like that although these two brothers may be quite different, they are family and they take care of each other.  
  • There is a nice friendship between Speed Bump and Sling Shot as they help a buddy in need.
Who this book is for: 
With lots of pictures and a combination of text and word bubbles, this is a great early chapter book or a nice choice for reluctant readers.  Kids who like clever humor and word play will enjoy this one.

Final thoughts: 
Coverly is the author of the Speed Bump comic strip.  It is not one I was familiar with but I have to admit, after looking it up, it is pretty funny!

To purchase this book:
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