Sunday, December 11, 2011

You Are Never Too Old For a Picture Book

I love picture books!  I know that for some of you reading this blog, you have moved on and feel you are past this genre.  But please don't be in a hurry to get rid of the picture book.  Picture books teach kids the absolute joy of storytelling.  They don't have to decode, sound out words or follow a complex plot, they simply get to sit with you, share a story and in many cases be exposed to fabulous illustrations.

My kids (yes even my twelve year old) still sit and listen to a great picture book.  They are even old enough now to get the bigger life lessons that many of the greatest picture books do so well and with such simplicity.   So here are some of my recent finds that are truly a joy to share with your kids!

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Title:          Press Here

Author:      Herve Tullet
Target:       Preschool to ?
What this book is about:

The book opens with a simple yellow dot at the beginning of the page and asks the reader if they are “ready?”  The next set of instructions are to “press here and turn the page.”  The reader then finds two dots.  The instructions get more fun with children rubbing, blowing, shaking and clapping.  The author also has a fun with the readers as he tells them, “oooops, that might have been too hard.” or “rub the dot on the left...gently.”
Why I love it:

I love it when I find a picture book that I know without a doubt will be a big hit with my kids!  Press Here is a wonderfully interactive book in the same genre as The Monster at the End of this Book or Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.  The play between the child and the author is wonderful.  The illustrations are inspired and the  quirky and innovative way he approaches children’s books is truly unique!
Who this book is for:

Fabulous interactive story which will really engage small children.  While I knew my 1st grader would love this book, what surprised me was that my third grader, his friend and my sixth grader also waited for their turns to “read” it.  In a computer infiltrated world, it was so much fun to see all my kids get so much enjoyment from a basic picture book.
Final thoughts:

This is by far one my favorite books, period.  I highly recommend it!!

To purchase, visit your local bookstore or click here: Press Here

Title:          this plus that, life’s little equations

Author:     Amy Rosenthal
Target:     Preschool - Grade 2
Ok, my love affair with Amy Rosenthal continues, and may I mention the wonderful illustrator Jen Corace!!  If you love her other books (Little Pea, Little Hoot, Little Oink) this book will not disappoint you.
What this book is about:

Life is full of equations, “wishes + frosting = birthday, anything + sprinkles = better.”  Some are learning lessons,” blaming + eye rolling does not equal sincere apology, Im sorry + hug does equal sincere apology” and my favorite, “good days + bad days = real life.”  
Why I love it: 

This book is absolutely charming from beginning to end.  Her equations, paired with adorable illustrations had us reading this book over and over.  My kids started making up their own life equations, reading + hugs = good night, was a winner!  burps + belly pats = a good dinner, not my favorite! 
Who this is for:

Really any child will enjoy life’s equation!
Final thoughts:

charming + inventive + clever = this plus that

To purchase, visit your local bookstore or click here: This Plus That: Life's Little Equations

Title:          Prudence Wants a Pet
Author:     Cathleen Daly
Target:      Preschool - Grade 2
What this book is about

Prudence wants a pet. Although her parents say no, Prudence gets creative and adopts various other objects to fill in for her desire (branch,formal footwear,baby brother!)  You just never know what she will find next!  Her perseverance pays off with the receipt of an actual cat.   The ending is just perfect as she names her new pet (but you will have to read it to find out what she choses!)
Why I love this book

To start, the illustrations by Stephen King are fabulous!  Follow that with the dry humor around each of her substitute pets and we couldn’t stop laughing.
“Branch is an outdoor pet.
Branch lives on the front porch.
Branch tripped Dad
Eight times.”
The patience and creativity that Prudence displays is endearing and inspiring!
Who this is for

Kids and adults who enjoy more clever humor.  Anyone who wants a lovely read.
Final thoughts

This may give new ideas to kids hoping for a pet!

To purchase, go to your local bookstore or click here: Prudence Wants a Pet

Title:          Who Is Driving

Author:      Leo Timmers
Target:       Preschool-Grade 1
What this book is about

On each page there is a vehicle (fire truck, convertible) and a line of wonderful animals ready to get in.  Based on their size and clothing, you have to decide which animal will be driving the vehicle.  On the following page you get to see if you were right, with the appropriate sound effects, of course!
Why I love this book

This book is soooo interactive, it engages kids immediately.  We had tons of fun figuring out which animal was driving, based on the clues in the pictures.  And the illustrations are fabulous - colorful with alot of humor.  The fun of a puzzle on every other page and then the immediate gratification on finding out if you are right, makes if captivating for a younger crowd.  I even loved the ending when the author puts out another challenge, “But who will get there first?”
Who this book is for

Since it is a vehicle book, boys will be engaged, but the illustrations are so appealing and fun, don’t leave the girls out, they will be caught up in the guessing as well!
Final thoughts

This book drives home alot of fun!

To purchase, go to your local bookstore or click here: Who Is Driving?

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