Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fun Books for Grades 4-6

Ok, summer is almost over and you realize that your kids have had fun in the sun, they have gone to sports camp, they have produced their umpteenth friendship bracelet and they have spent hours with the cousins.  But what they haven't done is READ A BOOK!

Well do not fear, it is never too late to get back on track.  School is still a few weeks away so now is the time to get them into a good book.  It will ease the transition, and it's fun.  This week I have stories about a competition at a toy factory, a science fair gone wrong and just to get them inspired, a hundred and one ways to bug their teacher come Fall.

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Title:          The Gollywhopper Games
Author:      Jody Feldman
Target:       Grades 4-6
Series:        No
What this story is about:
The Golly Toy and Game Co. is having a competition, the ultimate competition.  If Gil wins, his family will finally have the money to move out of a town that has turned their backs on him.  The only thing  standing in his way are 2,500 other contestants, a series of word puzzles, a bevy of math problems and some daring physical stunts.  
Why I love this book:
Fun, fun, fun!!!  It is a little bit of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a little bit of The Candymakers, but still its own book.  The puzzles are challenging and I found myself trying to figure them out along with the contestants.  The characters are strong and well written, and I loved that I was rooting not only for Gil, but for many of the other contestants as well.  The book is paced well and I found it hard to put down.
Who this book is for:
All kids will enjoy this entertaining adventure in a toy factory.
Final thoughts:
A winner!

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Title:          Science Fair
Authors:     Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson
Target:       Grades 4-8
Series:        No
What this book is about:
Ok, I know this will sound crazy but here goes.  Grdnkl the Strong, from Kprshtskan, is trying to destroy the US government.  His plot hinges on the science fair at Hubble Middle School.  At Hubble, some of the rich kids are buying their science fair projects and Toby, our main character, in an attempt to stop these kids, stumbles upon the terrorists.  Toby does this while evading two ebay buyers named Darth and Wookiee who believe the Star Wars blaster he sold them is a counterfeit.  Really it all makes sense when you read the book!
Why I love this book:
This book is completely over the top and that is what makes it hilarious!  Where else can you read about the Tournament of the Fighting Death Hamsters (aka a hamster staring contest,) intense Star War collectors, a stolen Wienermobile, and terrorists from a country of few vowels!   Surprisingly, it is also full of suspense and action.
Who this book is for:
Kids who love funny books.
Final thoughts:
I dare you not to enjoy this book.

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Title:          101 Ways to Bug Your Teacher
Author:       Lee Wardlaw
Target:       Grades 4-6
Series:        Yes.  This is the 2nd is a series of three but each book can stand alone.
What this story is about:
Our main character Steve (or Sneeze) is an inventor with inventor’s block.  Because of his strong academic skills, his parents are trying to have him skip a grade and move up to high school.  Since this is not a plan he approves of, he comes up with his own plan to bug the teachers so badly they won’t recommend he skip a grade.  However, as you can guess, his plans get foiled and he must deal with the heart of the situation, which is his fear that he has lost his inventing talent which he believes is the key to his academic prowess.
Why I love this book:
Let me start by saying that despite the title of the book, and the actual list of 101 ways to bug your teacher (which are really funny) the kids in this book do respect their teachers and parents.  So fear not. This was a nice, fun book about a kid navigating middle school and managing expectations.  He is surrounded by a friend who can’t stop hiccuping, one who speaks in a fake french accent and one who is too cool for school.  They add humor and levity to the story. 
All the covers on these books have been redone, and thank goodness because the one I have is beyond bad!
Who this book is for:
Kids who like realistic fiction and perhaps those who want to learn how to get under their teacher’s skin!
Final thoughts:
This probably isn’t the best classroom book!

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  1. Thanks so much for putting my novel on your list of 'Fun' books! And, actually, a lot of teachers have used this book in their classrooms. It sparks some great debates! Too, there is a teacher's guide for it on my website, including info on how to mummify a chicken for Egyptian history units! ~ Ms. Lee Wardlaw

    1. Wonderful! I loved the chicken mummification in the book. Actually the whole book was a pleasure.