Sunday, December 9, 2012

Board Books to Give for the Holidays

Board books are wonderful gifts to give for the holidays.  Toddlers are overwhelmed by the holidays, as it is, and parents will appreciate the allure of books long after the excitement over the large plastic toys wears off.  There are some fun books out these days that will satisfy both a parent and child so lets get cracking!

Alice in Wonderland:A BabyLit Colors Primer by Jennifer Adams is one in a series of board books to feature the classics.  You can also expose your child to Pride and Prejudice, A Christmas Carol and Dracula, to name a few.  These books are definitely not a short version of their well read counterparts, but counting and color identification books using the themes and characters from these classics.  The visuals are a treat.  One blogger I follow aptly described them as eye candy!  Stop reading now Uncle Thad - because these will definitely be my gift to my little niece this year!  To purchase this book from Amazon, click here: Alice in Wonderland: A BabyLit Colors Primer

Trains Go by Steve Light is a delightful board book for kids obsessed with locomotives.  It is very reminiscent of Freight Train by Donald Crews.  One of the things that makes this book so fun is that it  is not the standard square board book dimensions, but actually a rectangle, which visually gives the child the sense of a speeding train.  The parent simply needs to provide the sounds.  If your child is more of a truck kid, then don't pass up Trucks Go, another visual treat.  To purchase this book from Amazon, click here: Trains Go

SF Giants 101 by Brad Epstein is the must have for any respectable northern California baby!  However, you can get this board book for any team except the Dodgers (just kidding - a little baseball rivalry.)  I consider this book more of a gift to the parent to ensure that their son or daughter grows up knowing the fundamentals of their team!  To purchase this book from Amazon, click here: San Francisco Giants 101 (101 My First Team-Board-Books)

Peek-A Who? by Nina Laden is not a new book, but one my kids loved.  Children have to guess the next word by peeking through cut outs in the book.  Each work ends in "oo" sound such as Boo or Moo.  A nice way to teach kids some early reading skills without feeling like instruction.  It  has fun ending and my kids could never get enough of this one.  To purchase this book from Amazon, click here: Peek-A Who?

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