Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chapter Books to Give for the Holidays

I am warning you once and only once.  Don't give your child a "distinguished" chapter book for the holidays.  I know what you are thinking: my child loves reading and s/he is so advanced they will love this book.  Wrong!  The holidays are not about what your child should be reading, they are about enjoying what is fun to read.  An award winning book will simply sit off to the side in the excitement of the day and then be forgotten.  I know I have a few doubters, but I assure that I know of what I write!

So does that mean chapter books are off limits as gifts for the holidays?  Well I wouldn't go that far.  There are some really fun books that your child will actually want to pick up during the excitement of the day, but you need to choose carefully.  I have included some books this week that I hope will not get lost in the wrappings pile, but I won't lie, this is a tough one!

Don't forget to check back on Thursday when I will have some great graphic novels for the holidays.  Also, if this blog has been helpful to you, don't forget to click on the links to purchase the books.  A portion of every purchase goes back to support this blog and allows me to continue to put out great recommendations!

Worst-Case Scenario Ulitmate Adventure: Everest by David Borgenicht is like the choose your own adventure books from our childhood.  In this case, the reader must make choices throughout the book that will determine whether they survive the climb up Mt. Everest.  There is only one set of choices that will get them to the top so they must choose wisely.  I just love books where kids become a part of the story.  There are also adventures to Mars and their latest book takes readers through the Amazon!  To purchase this book from Amazon, click here: Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure: Everest: You Decide How to Survive!

Planet Tad by Tim Carvell is from the head writer of the Daily Show, so you know it is going to be funny.  Tad writes a blog about the things that happen to him in seventh grade, and he just seems to get into one mishap after another.  But Tad is a good kid and his adventures are hilarious which had my son laughing through the whole book, even on his third reading!  To purchase this book from Amazon, click here: Planet Tad

Now if you want to get your child into a great new series, here are two whose first books were published this year.  They are with out a doubt two of my favorites and I have parents stop and tell me how much their kids have enjoyed these books, so they are as close to a sure bet as I can give you.

The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen has it all, action ... adventure .... intrigue.  Sage is an extremely fun main character, full of humor and swagger.  He is rounded up with a group of orphans who are competing to impersonate a prince who was lost at sea.  Only one will be selected and the rest killed.  The story is told in Sage's voice and it will keep you on the edge of your seat!  To purchase this book from Amazon, click here: The False Prince: Book 1 of the Ascendance Trilogy

The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy is a laugh out loud book which looks at the world from the view of Prince Charming.  Yes, all those fairytales you have heard about since you were young are from the perspective of the princess, but as always, there is another side to the story.  So find your own shoe Cinderella, put your hair up Rapunzel,  the Prince Charmings are here and they want to be heard!  To purchase this book from Amazon, click here: The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom

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