Friday, August 2, 2013

Books for the First Day of Kindergarten

This Friday I am going to take on a timely topic, the first day of Kindergarten.  As many of you approach this milestone, it is great to have a book that gets your child excited about the day.  While there may be some nerves - I was talking about your child, but I know parent's need to get used to the idea too - sharing a book that doesn't dismiss a child's feelings, but also focuses on the great things to come is a terrific way to start.

I hope these books inspire your child to see Kindergarten as a wonderful adventure and have a laugh at the same time!  Reading about the first day just couldn't set a better example of how books will play an important role in their education.  See how I brought in that educational component ... now how can you not read them a book?

Title:          First Day Jitters

Author:      Julie Danneberg

Target:       Kindergarten - Grade 3

What this book is about:
This book follows Sarah Hartwell on her first day at a new school.  Of course she is full of jitters, afraid she won’t make friends, and feels a little nervous and anxious.  Mr. Hartwell tries to reassure her all will be fine, and (I hate to give away the twist at the end, but...) it turns out that Sarah is the new teacher in the class.

Why I love this book:
Well this book just surprises the reader at the end, and I love books that turn kid’s expectations upside down.  The idea  that someone besides themselves, someone who shouldn’t be nervous, actually is, can be very reassuring for kids - and funny!

The illustrations are colorful and well done as they hide Sarah’s true identity until the end, making the big reveal all the more fun.

Who this book is for:
The nice thing about this book is that it is not simply targeted at kindergarten, but any child going into a new environment.

Final thoughts:
Teachers have feeling too!

To purchase this book, click here to connect to Amazon: First Day Jitters  A portion of each purchase goes to support this blog at no cost to you.

Title:       Mom, It’s My First Day of Kindergarten

Author:   Hyewon Yum

Target:    Preschool - Kindergarten

What this book is about:
Told from the kid’s perspective, our new kindergartner is ready for his first day at school, it’s his mom that is having some trouble.  In this role reversal it is mom that voices all the fears she has for his first day (friends, snacks, new teacher) and it is the boy who assures his mom that everything will be all right.  And guess what .... it is!

Why I love this book:
I always like it when a book shakes up the norm a bit for a child, and in this one, having the mom voice the fears, makes the child feel in control.  Even the illustrations carry the theme, as the mom appears small and blue when she is scared, and as she realizes that everything will be alright, she appears in color and her right size!  Of course our kid does have a moment of doubt, but he gets through it quickly and is off to an awesome day.

Who this book is for:
Any kids starting off for Kindergarten.

Final thoughts:
It’s nice to know that your kids will be able to help you through your moments of anxiety!

To purchase this book, click here to connect to Amazon: Mom, It's My First Day of Kindergarten!  A portion of each purchase goes to support this blog at no cost to you.

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