Friday, September 13, 2013

The Beginner's Guide to Running Away from Home

I have really been enjoying Picture Book Friday of late.  So many wonderful choices are out there that my biggest worry is picking the best one.  Now that's a worry I like to have.

This week I have a less traditional choice, but I say that only because I think the illustrations are different from what most children have seen before.    The story itself is as old as time - running away from home.  Should your children decide to go this route, it's always nice to have a guide.  You do want them to be prepared!

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Title:       The Beginner’s Guide to Running Away from Home

Author:   Jennifer Larue Huget

Target:    Preschool - Grade 3

What this book is about:
In this story, our main character feels his family doesn’t understand or appreciate him, so he shares with the reader his tips about leaving home.  He gives packing instructions - forget the bandana and stick, you need something bigger.  He shows you where to put the note - on your baby sister where your parents won’t miss it.  He even has you practice your going away speech - with foot stomping.  But thankfully, he also believes in giving his family second chances - even though they don’t deserve it.

Why I love this book:
First off the illustrations by Red Nose Studio will stop and make you pick up the book.  I can’t decide if they are charming or a little creepy, but the more I have read the book, the more I appreciate all the details throughout.  They appear to be clay figures with sets as backdrops and then occasional drawings layered on top.  They are compelling and clever.

The illustrations go so well with the text which has a matter of fact humor that is incredibly appealing.  I mean, what kid doesn’t appreciate knowing that they can pack gum instead of a toothbrush?    Of course there are so many reasons why home is a special place to be, but it’s always nice to know that the running away option is out there, even if you never use it.

Who this book is for:
I think this will make a wonderful read aloud and most kids will so appreciate the humor and empathize with our main character (who doesn’t have a name, by the way, I am not being evasive.)

Final thoughts:
It’s nice to know there is a guide for beginners.  I hate for kids to be unprepared.

To purchase this book, click on the following link to connect to Amazon: The Beginner's Guide to Running Away from Home  A portion of each purchase goes to support this blog at no cost to you.

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