Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Meaning of Maggie is a Delightful Book for Kids

Today I have a book that feels serious, but strangely it is also funny and uplifting.  My very selective daughter, who is not willing to tackle many books, jumped into this one immediately and didn't put it down.  I think her enthusiasm came from the refreshing voice of Maggie, who has heart, humor and an eleven year old sensibility.  So don't let the more serious topics dissuade you from sharing this book with your daughter!

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Title:       The Meaning of Maggie

Author:  Megan Sovern

Target:   Grades 4-6

Series:    No

What this book is about: 
Maggie has just turned eleven and changes are afoot.  Her father has left his job because his legs keep falling asleep (he has multiple sclerosis) and her mother has gone back to work full time.  This is Maggie’s journey as she goes through the day to day challenges of being exceptionally bright, perhaps being liked more by teachers than the other students, and coming to grips with the new family dynamics and challenges.

Why I love this book: 
Maggie just has a lovely, quirky voice that makes this book a joy to read.  She reminded me at times of Willow in the brilliant book Counting by 7’s simply because they both see the world with a different kind of humor, they are both facing tragedy and they rely on their academic prowess to see them through.  

I gave this book to my very picky reader daughter who read it in three days.  A record for her.  I think that Maggie is authentic which mean that she finds the bigger meaning in what is happening, but each day is not a revelation, it is an actual eleven year old navigating her life.  My daughter could appreciate that.  

While this book does not end in tragedy, it does not end with everything turning out alright either.  I think this speaks to the fact that kids don’t necessarily need a “happy” ending, what they need is a true ending that is supported by the story.  My daughter told me this one was sad, but she loved it anyway and Maggie’s voice keeps the story funny and upbeat.

Who this book is for: 
Wonderful story for most girls.  I think they will get lost in Maggie’s refreshing voice.

Final thoughts: 
I would have loved to “hear” the story from the voice of some of the other characters.  I was very interested in how they perceived Maggie and the family dynamics.

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