Monday, March 9, 2015

A Magical Book For Kids

For some reason I kept putting this book off.  There was nothing I didn't like about it, there was just nothing that drew me in.  So I used my daughter as a guinee pig, handed her the book and told her to tell me how it was.  She graciously accepted my challenge and then didn't put it down.  That is when I knew I had a winner!  She is really picky!

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Title: A Snicker of Magic

Author:Natalie Lloyd

Target:Grades 4-7


What this book is about: 
Felicity Pickle has a wandering mother.  Felicity, her mother and sister are constantly moving from town to town in their van, the Pickled Jalapeño.  When they arrive at her mom’s home town, Midnight Gulch, Felicity knows there is something different about this place.  It used to have magic and in fact, Felicity has a snigger of magic in her.  She can collect words.  These words surround people and objects telling her a little bit about their mood and history.  Turns out the town has a history, a lot of folklore and more than a few people with a snigger of magic left in them.  The town also has a curse, and just maybe when they are all working together, they can break that curse and call this magical town home.

Why I love this book: 
This book is absolutely delightful.  Whether it is exploring the quirky characters and their little dollops of magic, or it’s inhabitants are eating the splendiferous ice cream in many less than conventional flavors, the book manages to deal with topics of loneliness, fitting in and carrying burdens with an unconventional sense of charm and whimsy.

Felicity is full of hope and her words help us understand everyone around her.  Her sidekick Jonah is a kid who just knows what people need and together they make a wonderful pair.  In fact I think I may need a Jonah of my own!

Who this book is for: 
This book is full of old fashion southern charm so if your child liked Three Times Lucky this is a good fit.  It also carries that lovely magical element so kids who enjoyed Savvy should also feel comfortable with this narrative.

Final thoughts: 
I had been putting this one off for no good reason until my picky daughter read it and declared it a winner.  No better recommendation I can give it.

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