Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Kid's Book With Plenty of Action

I love a book with a good competition ... the race is on ... who will come out of top?  If your tween is a  fan of the Amazing Race, then this book will be right up their alley.  A little conniving, some crazy challenges and a contest that takes place around the globe are all the hallmarks of this new story.

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Title:Inherit Midnight

Author:Kate Myers

Target:Grades 5 and up


What this book is about: 
Avery has always been the black sheep of the family.  Her mother is dead, her father is absent and so her domineering grandmother steps in to raise her.  But she is a VanDemere, and being from such a prominent family means high expectations are placed on her.  When her grandmother falls ill, the older woman devises a competition where her offspring will compete to win control of the company and the family assets.  Avery has never fit in, but suddenly she realizes that winning could mean a freedom she has never known.  The game is on, the competition is fierce, but she is ready to compete.

Why I love this book: 
This was a fun premise.  I am a big fan of books with games or competitions, it really adds to an action packed narrative, and this one didn’t disappoint.   While the outcome was fairly predictable, the puzzles were unique and I was caught up in seeing how everyone would approach the latest riddle. Think Amazing Race family style.

I liked Avery because she is of course scarred and emotionally fragile but she has guts and resilience.  I could have done with out the cheesy romance, but it is very innocent and for kids who like a cute boy and a fun crush, this story line will fit the bill.

Who this book is for: 
Fans of Aly Carter’s Heist Society books will enjoy this one, as well as girls who like Kiera Cass’ The Selection.

Final thoughts: 
I can’t say this book is award winning fiction, but I can say that is well written and it is an exciting ride.  I was completely caught up in the competition and yes I do watch Amazing Race.

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