Friday, May 15, 2015

Soccer Book for Kids

Today I want to remind you that the Fifa Women's World Cup will be played in Canada starting on June 6th.  Soccer is big in our family!  We support the Premier League and Chelsea is our team.  We love watching World Cup and the women most of all.

How great is it that our girls have role models that are strong, competitive, healthy and fierce women?  The US team is exciting to watch, and we will be rooting for them all the way to a World Cup victory!

But of course I must bring this post back to books.  For every World Cup I purchase the official FIFA guide.  It profiles all the teams, provides statistics and gives us bios on the players to watch.  Our guide from last year for the men's teams is read ragged and already the binding is well worn on this years women's guide.  These books help my kids enjoy the games even more and they look back on them to remind themselves of players and games that they really enjoyed.

So if you are a soccer loving family or if you want your family to start loving soccer, consider purchasing these books.  They will get your football loving kids reading up on team analysis, history of the World Cup and key statistics.  Reading can benefit them in many forms, and if you tie it into a sport they love, well you just might win most valuable player!

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