Monday, June 22, 2015

Realistic Fiction for Boys

I hate to get too serious in the summer, but while this book does have some bigger issues to contend with, it is also just a wonderful story about a boy.  When I saw the premise, I was a little hesitant about reading it, but I am so glad I put my fears aside, because it was so well done.

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Title: Lost in the Sun

Author: Lisa Graff

Target: Grades 5 and up

Series: There is a companion book Umbrella Summer but they are each stand alone stories

What this book is about: 
Trent is looking forward to a fresh start in Middle School.  Last year he was playing hockey and a puck he hit struck a boy with an undiagnosed heart condition and killed him.  While it was an accident, Trent still feels he deserves to be punished  He makes life around him miserable because everyone hates him, don’t they?  Well he certainly isn’t liking himself too much.  But then he meets a girl with a terrible scar on her face and suddenly seeing her sad seems worse than feeling bad all the time.

Why I love this book: 
A boy with divorced parents - check.  A death - check.  A self destructive main character - check.  As my son would say, all the makings of an award winning book.  But I was absolutely surprised by how much I loved this story.  Even as we watch Trent self sabotage himself, I couldn’t help really liking him.  His mother and brothers are also so well done that I loved them too.  The prank war between the brothers certainly lightened the mood at times and had me laughing out loud.  It also showed a real bond of friendship between them.

Fallon was an interesting friend for Trent and I was happy that there was no hint of romance, which would certainly have turned off many boy readers.  Their “movie club” which included just about every baseball film worth seeing should inspire some new film views in your household.

Who this book is for: 
Boys interested in realistic fiction will enjoy this one.  Trent is an athlete which will help sell this book to some boys, but with his love of the Dodgers no Giants fan in this house could admit to reading it.  

Final thoughts: 
This story is so well done.  I just wish the ending has been a little messier and not so neatly wrapped up.

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