Friday, September 25, 2015


Why not close out Friday with a book that takes your pet's personality to the extreme.  Haven't you ever wondered what they would do if they pushed us out of the house and claimed it as their own?  Well, let's be honest, they do really rule the coop now, don't they?

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Title: Petlandia

Author: Peter Hannan

Target: Grades 2-4

Series: No

What this book is about: 
Madame Wigglesworth is a cat who is beloved by her family.  However, when Grub, the new dog enters the picture, things take a quick turn for the worse.  Her love for her family is replaced by hatred and jealousy as she sees Grub getting belly rubs that she in fact never wanted, but is envious  of now that they aren’t bestowed upon her.  She organizes a pet revolt with the hamster, dog and clownfish in hopes of creating Petlandia, where all her wishes are fulfilled.  But when the election for President takes place and she doesn’t win … well there is going to be trouble.

Why I love this book: 
For any child who has a pet, they will see these absolutely silly and outrageous behaviors as mirrors of their own animals.  There is no way not to giggle at the silly antics of a cat, dog, hamster and fish.  I mean that covers most of the major pet groups!

Of course there are larger messages in the book about getting along and being a good leader. However the message about strength in numbers is taken to the extreme.  

Who this book is for: 
Fun book for kids with pets or kids who enjoy notebook novels.  The chapters are short, the type large and the picture plentiful,

Final thoughts: 
We humans really are at the mercy of our pets!

To purchase this book:
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