Monday, November 30, 2015

Book Themed Gifts for Kids

Ok, it is time for the Happy Holidays post.  This is when I give you book related gift ideas for the kids in your life who love to read.  Or perhaps they will serve as a source of inspiration for kids who haven't yet fallen in love with books.  Either way, they celebrate reading and that's a good thing.

When I was a kid I would write my name in all my books, but this would have been a much nicer way to identify the books as mine.  This requires a two week lead time, so don't dilly dally if you think it might be the ideal present for a little book hoarder in your life.

This is probably a pillow I need for my own bed, but it would look great in a tween's room.  Now I know you don't want to encourage after hours activities, but reading...

Who can resist a little Wild Thing?  Of course if your child is more of the Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, Madeline or Babar variety, they have a shirt for that too.  Lot's of fun classics are represented  so that everyone's favorite book doesn't just have to come out at bedtime!

Personal Library Kit

When my kids were younger they loved to play library or book store.  This would have been a huge hit in our house.  It is also a lovely way for kids to take responsibility for their own book collections and the retro feel makes it especially appealing.

Pop Up Desk Notes

I just thought this gift was fun for the budding fashionista.  While not related to a book, it is for writing so I am calling this close enough!  Great for drafting little notes to friends or doodling your next amazing creation.

S is for Star Wars Kids' Tees

Do you have a little one still trying to learn their letters?  Well, how about some Star Wars inspiration to cement those consonants!  Pair this with a Star Wars alphabet book and they'll know their ABCs in no time.

T-Shirt for Older Kids

For those kids who are a little too mature to wear Star Wars alphabet shirts, there is an alien who isn't so concerned about "leaders" as he is about "readers"  A cute take on who is really in charge.

Children's Authors Card Game

Ok, this one is throwback to when I was a kid.  I loved to play this with my mom and I learned all about the classic children's authors and their books.  These are playing cards so you can use them for any of your usual card games or play the version where you have to collect all the "books" - my personal favorite.

Field Tent

Ok, just like the Neiman Marcus catalog, there has to one extravagant item that celebrates books.  This tent looks like a giant just dropped what he was reading and now you can literally find shelter in a book.  How cool is that?

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