Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Book Sequels for Fabulous Kid's Series

While I try to get to first book in a new series, it more rare for me to read the second and even harder for me to get to the third.  If the series goes past three I am usually goner.  I just have too many new books that I want to bring to your attention.  However, I still need to let you know when a new title in the series has been released.  Today's post is your FYI post, with the new installments in series that I have really enjoyed.

If you are new to these series, pick them up, they're good.  If your child has already discovered these then rejoice that a new installment is out, just in time for the holidays.  What festive joy!  Don't forget to Follow One Great Book on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or by email so that you won't miss any great books that your kids will devour, and just in time for the gift giving season!

The Accelerati Trilogy, Book Two: Edison's Alley by Eric Elfman Neal Shusterman

For those of your who have kids that loved Tesla's Attic, this is the second book in the series.  With out of this world inventions, a team of evil physicists, and plenty of humor, this action packed sequel continues the adventures of Nick as he and his friends  hunt for the "lost" objects designed by the original inventor, Tesla himself.

The Tournament at Gorlan (Ranger's Apprentice: The Early Years) by John A. Flanagan

I know many of you have kids who have devoured all twelve books in the Ranger's Apprentice series and thought the good times had come to an end.  Well you are now in luck because Flanagan has expanded this series by writing a prequel.  For those who want to know what happened before Will became the apprentice, you wish has been granted!

The Tapper Twins Tear Up New York by Geoff Rodkey 

For fans of the first book, The Tapper Twins Go to War, this book will absolutely delight.  This time instead of fighting each other, the twins are fixing up a mess with a charity scavenger hunt gone bad.  The books are laid out with interview transcripts, photos and text messages, so for kids who enjoy a diary format, these books are right up their ally.  Prepare for more laugh out loud moments.

My Life as a Gamer (The My Life series) by Janet Tashjian

I am a fan of the My Life series for kids who enjoy the Wimpy Kid books, and this new installment with Derek getting to be part of test group for a new video game will certainly reel in some reluctant readers.  This one focuses on the importance of keeping your word and will hopefully have your child reaching for a book instead of the game controller!

Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan 

For those of you who have kids that enjoyed Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, this book is a continuation of the stories as told by Percy Jackson.  Of course he considers them family anecdotes and retells the tales with sarcasm and a sly humor that will rope your kids into the book.  The illustrations by John Rocco makes this book even more grand, along with the book's large size and girth.

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