Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Really Cool Picture Books for Kids

I have always loved the offbeat picture books.  This genre seems so easy to write, because let's face it, picture books are short and sweet.  However, the clever ones stand out because there are only a handful of writers who have the sheer talent to craft something truly adept.

Today I am featuring two books.  One is by an author/illustrator duo I have blogged about before and I love their subtle and astute humor.  The second is from an author I have also featured before and I have been watching her evolve.  Her illustrations are gorgeous and her stories continue to impress.

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Title: This is Sadie

Author: Sara O’Leary

Target: Preschool - Grade 2

What this book is about: 
Sadie is a small girl with a big imagination.  She loves playing with her friends, but she also enjoys imagining a box is a boat, that she has wings to fly or that she can inhabit her favorite stories.  The days are never long enough to live out all her fantasies.

Why I love this book:
  • Oh where do I begin?  First off the illustrator Julie Morstad has created a whimsical look to this story that always delights me.
  • I have been a huge fan of Sara O’Leary for years. Her books are always charming with just the right amount of pointed humor and fun to make them more intelligent than what I regularly see in this genre.
  • I love the nod to The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland and the Little Mermaid, as Sadie so beautifully injects herself into these fanciful stories.
Who this book is for: 
Great for kids who will respond to a more offbeat but playful book.  This book has quieter humor so your child has to be open to that.

Final thoughts: 
Another brilliant effort by this dynamic author/illustrator duo.  Their work is not the most conventional, but for those who appreciate their clever endeavors, this book is a winner.

To purchase this book:
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Title: Bernice Gets Carried Away

Author: Hannah E. Harrison

Target: Preschool - Grade 1

What this book is about: 
Bernice has been invited to a birthday party, but nothing seems to be going right.  Everyone gets a rose on their slice of cake, except Bernice.  The only soda left is prune-grapefruit and when the piñata gets broken she only manages to grab a squished gum drop.  So Bernice takes matters into her own hands and grabs all the balloons so she doesn't miss out.  But they end up causing her to float away and only when she starts giving away some of her loot do good things start happening for her.

Why I love this book:
  • First off the illustrations are gorgeous.  Her last book, Extraordinary Jane was equally delightful to look at and I really felt for Bernice the whole time.  Color is used so effectively and I love finding new details each time I read the story
  • I have to admit that I was sold on the story the moment Bernice did not get the piece of cake with the rose on it.  That was always me as a kid.  I remember hoping beyond hope that I would get a piece with a flower and hiding my sheer disappointment if that didn’t happen.
  • A nice message that doing good for others can help turn your day around.  A message that should not be lost on adults as well.
Who this book is for: 
Great for animal loving kids and kids who think that some days are just not fair!

Final thoughts: 
I really can’t wait to see this author’s next endeavor.  Her illustrations have really made her one to watch for me.  As the cleverness of her stories continue to develop I think she will continue to shine.

To purchase this book:
Click on the following link to connect to Amazon: Bernice Gets Carried Away.  A portion of each purchase will go to support this blog at no cost to you.  Thank you for your support.

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