Friday, April 5, 2013

Sleep Like a Tiger for Picture Book Friday

Today I thought I would profile a going to bed book.  This book won a Caldecott honor award this year, and when it was announced, I have to admit, I had never heard of the book.  At first I feared it would be too cutesy or sentimental for me.  I must admit that I like my picture books with a little humor and some edge.  However, this book really surprised me.  The humor is intelligent and the story is smart.  Of course, no going to bed book can quite compete with the all time classic, Dr Seuss's Sleep Book , but well done Caldecott committee, well done!

Title:       Sleep Like a Tiger

Author:   Mary Logue

Target:    Preschool - Kindergarten

Caldecott Honor Book

What this book is about:
This book is about a little girl who does not want to go to sleep.  Her parents acknowledge that she is not tired, but ask her to simply put on her pajamas, then brush her teeth.  After she lays in bed, they talk about all the animals who sleep, but the girl says she is still not tired.  Her parents agree with her and tell her she can stay awake all night long if she wishes, but then lo and behold, she drifts off.

Why I love this book:
This story is just clever.  I love the parents who simply agree with the little girl’s assessment of the situation while preparing her for bed!  There are some lovely funny moments and the book ties together nicely by bringing back all the animal references at the end, wrapped up neatly and put to bed.

The artwork in the book is beautiful, but I think it may be more appealing to adults.  However, that said, I think it works quite nicely with the story and is charming in a way I don’t usually find with mixed media artwork.  

Who this book is for:
Wonderful bedtime book for all kids.

Final thoughts:
This book has just enough clever humor to keep it from being too cutesy!

To purchase this book, click on the following link to connect to Amazon: Sleep Like a Tiger  A portion of each purchase goes to support this blog.

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