Friday, May 24, 2013

Absolutely Beastly Children for Picture Book Friday

How about some Absolutely Beastly Children for picture book friday!  There is nothing like being reminded how good you have it, when you see other kids behaving far worse than yours ever do.  In this book which leans a bit towards the macabre, kids will love seeing bad behavior in the extreme, and reminding you just how good they are!

Title:       Absolutely Beastly Children

Author:   Dan Krall

Target:    Preschool - Grade 2

What this book is about:
This is an alphabet book that I hope doesn’t resemble your children in the slightest!  26 kids who are behaving badly, remind your kids to be on their best behavior.  Who wants to be like Esther who won’t wash her hands, or Jeffrey who knows how to whine? These are the worst offenders and they are drawn to evil perfection by Krall.

Why I love this book:
The illustrations make this book come to life.  These fiendish kids really are the worst of the worst, and no kid wants to end up like them!  My children delighted in seeing how bad these kids were, knowing that their behavior would never stoop so low.  It takes naughtiness to the extreme and the pictures are crazy enough to appeal to everyone, but have enough humor to never be scary.  My kids each had their favorites and always chuckle through this story.

Who this book is for:
Kids who like to laugh.  It also reminded me of the book No, David! where kids delight in the shenanigans of David as he breaks one rule after another!

Final thoughts:
This is not your typical alphabet book!

To purchase this book, click on the following link to connect to Amazon: Absolutely Beastly Children  A portion of each purchase goes to support this blog at no cost to you.  Yippee!

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