Monday, January 12, 2015

Arctic Adventure for Kids

Today I have an exciting action and adventure book on the blog.  I very much appreciate that this series takes kids around the world to experience both the people and culture of other geographic areas.

I also like that there is an internet tie in.  While I often get frustrated when kids are directed to a computer after reading a book, I mean isn't the point of a book to get them off the computer, these videos have some great footage of the places visited during the story.  Somehow seeing the actual places made the story feel all the more real.

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Title:Greenland: Travels With Gannon & Wyatt

Authors:Pattie Wheeler and Keith Hemstreet

Target:Grades 4-7


What this book is about: 
Gannon and Wyatt are twin brothers who are on an arctic adventure to cross Greenland on their own dog sleds.  However, when their journey begins, they learn from their guide that a group of Inuit families have become stranded even further north than the boys were headed, so they agree to make the trek to try and rescue them.  While the boys learn about the culture and heritage of Greenland, they are also literally experiencing the physical environment as they work through a terrible storm to try and save the locals from certain peril.  

Why I love this book: 
There is actually a Gannon and Wyatt, they are real kids and they take trips to places featured in the books.  I really appreciated the website with actual footage from the real Gannon and Wyatt’s trip to Greenland.  It is not often that I feel a real connection with internet material that accompanies books, but in this case it was well done.  While the actual adventure in the book is fiction, the details about their surroundings are taken from their trips and kids can see them in the video footage online.

The story itself is told in alternating journal entries from the two brothers.  They include actual photos throughout the book from Greenland showing people and places they met on their adventure.  While they pack in a lot of information, the story never gets bogged down because of the very readable format.

I like that the story is suspenseful and that there is some tragedy.  I feel as though kids get so used to a perfect ending that they begin to get jaded when they read books, so I appreciated some honest drama.

The book is also a lovely blend of information about culture, geography and climate changes wrapped up in a suspenseful adventure.  Gannon and Wyatt feel like real teenagers, so there is also plenty of brotherly ribbing and jokes.

Who this book is for: 
Nice for reluctant readers because of the format and videos that accompany the book.  However, even voracious readers will get caught up in the adventures of these two intrepid explorers.

Final thoughts: 
If you ever thought Greenland was named for its rolling green hills, then you really need to read this book.

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