Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Nonfiction Book Kids Will Love

I thought I would share one of my favorite nonfiction books today!  This book is amazing, full of science, replete with interesting creatures and absolutely slimy and gross.  I can't think of a more perfect combination to intrigue kids.  Both my daughter and I couldn't put it down.

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Title: When Lunch Fights Back

Author: Rebecca Johnson

Target:Grades 3-6

What this book is about: 
This book profiles several animals who have unique ways of defending themselves from predators.  There is the hagfish who slimes sharks away, the Spanish ribbed newt whose ribs actually poke out of his body with tips of poison and the fulmar chick who sends a stream of putrid vomit out on to anyone who might do him harm.

Why I love this book: 
I really enjoyed the way the book was laid out.  First Johnson shares the story of what these animals do to defend themselves against a typical aggressor, and then she delves into the science behind the story.  Kids learn both the physiology of the animal that allows them to perform a physical feat and the chemical reactions that occur to make the toxins they use work.

Also the stories she has found are frankly amazing and a little gross.  This makes them all the more fun and fascinating to read about.  The one that I actually found the most interesting was the mustard plant.  You will be amazed at how a plant that cannot move and has no brain has found a way to survive.  Incredible!  And no, I am not giving it away.  You have to read the book.

Who this book is for: 
Any kid interested in animals or science should love this book.  However, even if they aren’t interested in these things to begin with, this book will certainly peek their curiosity!

Final thoughts:
This book is not for the faint of heart.  It is amazing the creative ways animals use to stay alive, and that their battles are waging all around, unseen, every day.

To purchase this book:
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