Monday, April 27, 2015

Fairy Tales for Tweens

When I heard about this book at a publisher preview last year, I was very excited to get my hands on it.  The idea of a Fairytale Reform School where all the teachers are former villains sounded like a timely and exciting premise.

Since this is the beginning of a new series I am looking forward to where this story will go.  The author has a lot of room to work with, and my daughter is anxiously awaiting the next book.  Also, the cover is fabulous.

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Title: Flunked

Author: Jen Calonita

Target: Grade 4-6

Series: This is the first book in a planned series

What this book is about: 
Gilly is a thief, but she only steals to feed her family.  After the princesses gave the glass shoe contract to the Fairy Godmother, Gilly’s father, the cobbler. has seen business hurting.  When Gilly gets caught for the third time it is off to Fairy Tale Reform School, where former villains teach these troubled kids how to be heroes.

Why I love this book:  
This was a fun premise and the book moved at a quick pace.   The characters could use some development, but this is the first book in the series so I imagine we will learn more as the series goes on.  The action and the humor will keep kids glued to this book, as they learn some interesting new truths about their favorite fairy tale characters.

Who this book is for: 
Kids who love fractured fairy tales will enjoy this one.  My daughter was a huge fan of The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom and she just devoured this book, complaining when she had to put it down during the “good parts!”

Final thoughts: 
It is nice to know what ended up happening to Cinderella’s stepmother.  I always felt her story was a bit unresolved, didn’t you?

To purchase this book:
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