Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gift Book for Mother's Day

With Mother's Day right around the corner it is time to start thinking gifts - for moms!  Now, you know I am going to recommend a book, but you can feign surprise.

 I am constantly bombarded by publicists who are trying to sell their lovely books, but it isn't often that one hits my "must see" meter.  When I was offered a book by Jane Weitzman I couldn't say no.  She combines shoes and art ... did you hear me?  Two of my favorite things in one book!

As it turns out, Jane was in charge of putting together the first retail Weitzman stores for her husband, the legendary shoe designer Stuart Weitzman.  She combined her passion for art and the pump to commission artists to create one of a kind art pieces that were shaped like ... are you ready for it?  A Stuart Weitzman shoe!  Brilliant.  They graced the windows of the New York store for years.

The results are often funny, innovative, thought provoking and original interpretations of the classic pump.   I love art that is unexpected and challenges your preconceptions of what or where art should be!

She has combined these wonderful works in a new book.  Can you think of a more inspired gift for a mom in your life?

I had the chance to ask her a few questions about her book, art, and of course shoes.  Below is the interview we did and I think I like her even more now!

Do you think she has tried on one of these impressive shoes?

Which one does she gets asked about the most?

What is her favorite Weitzman shoe for the season?

Well you have to read on to find out.  Also, don't forget to visit Ask Suzanne Bell for more images of the shoes you will see in this gorgeous volume, and get advice for fabulous gifts that are perfect for Mother's Day.  She always has wonderful suggestions for the mom in your life, or for you to pass on to your kids/hubby!

My interview with Jane Weitzman

Starting with some either or questions:

Alex Katz or Edgar Degas?
“I like Degas's art better, but he wasn't a very good person and whenever I see one of his beautiful works, I can't help but think of his behavior during the Dreyfus trial. Alex Katz's paintings are immediately recognizable. The first time I saw one of his flower paintings, I knew who the artist was right away, because his style is so distinct.”

Rock, Paper or Scissors?
“Paper, because books are printed on it. I like to read the real thing, not electronically.”

Industrial or Domestic?
“Both, if they are good.”

Silver or Gold?
“I am a gold girl. I love gilded and gold leaf and I have started wearing an art deco rose gold watch that I haven't looked at for years.”

High Heel or Flat?
“Definitely both. Flats to walk miles in and heels to look fabulous in.”

The garden or the museum?
“I love my garden and have already started ordering from the catalogs. One of the best things about my book tour is that I am able to visit so many museums. So many cities like Charlotte (The Mint), Pittsburgh (The Warhol), Wilmington and Ottawa have wonderful museums.”

The Met or the Tate?
“I love both of these amazing museums.  I recently revisited the Turners at the Tate and the Tate Modern always has an interesting show. You could spend days in the Met and still find something interesting to see. I went to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Sargent show last month, and read afterwards that it will soon be at the Met.”

While picking a favorite shoe from your book would be like picking a favorite child can you tell us…

Which shoe tickled your funny bone?
“I think the shower shoe and all of Charlene's Clark's and Dan Crowley's shoes are funny.”

Which shoe would you most like to take from art to reality?
“Sharon Von Senden's Jeweled work boot would be fun to wear.”

Which shoe do people ask you about the most?
“People always ask about Robert Steele's corrugated cardboard shoes.”

Have you secretly tried on any of the pieces?
“No, none of the shoes are wearable, even if they started out as real shoes.”

What is your favorite Weitzman shoe for the season?
“My favorite Weitzman shoes are almost always plain high heel pumps made in beautiful materials.”

And finally,
What makes shoes so irresistible?
“Shoes are irresistible, because they can change anything that you are wearing. A plain black dress looks wonderful with a great pair of shoes.”

Thank you to Jane Weitzman for her thoughtful answers!  It was a pleasure.

Don't forget to check out her wonderful book for Mother's Day, or any day you need some inspiration!  And go visit Ask Suzanne Bell for even more gifts that will get your creative gift giving juices flowing!

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