Friday, March 4, 2016

Princess in Black to the Rescue

Of course no Super Hero Week would be complete without the Princess in Black.  She loves pink, she if frilly, but when the situation demands she can conquer monsters with the best of them.  

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Title: The Princess in Black and the Prefect Princess Party

Author: Shannon Hale

Target: Kindergarten - Grade 2

Series: Yes

What this book is about: 
In this second book in the series, Princess Magnolia is having a birthday party.  However, as readers will discover, she also has a secret identity as the Princess in Black who fights goat eating monsters that appear in the fields surrounding the castle.  Unfortunately her glitter stone ring, which alerts her to the presence of monsters, starts ringing at all the wrong times during the party.  Will her party guests discover her secret?

Why I love this book:
  • First off the illustrations by LeUyen Pham are absolutely delightful.  They bring a lighthearted joy to the story and they provide some giggle inducing moments.
  • I very much enjoyed that a princess could be the one who saves the goat boy.  Nice to have a girl saving the guy for a change and one who still likes a pink frilly dress to boot.  I mean a tiara trip can do some serious damage to a monster.
  • I like that a perfect party may not always come out the way you planned.  
Who this book is for: 
Great early chapter book with large type and plenty of illustrations.  Phrases are repeated and there are also challenge worlds included.  This book is for any girl who is frills and lace on the outside, but who also likes a good adventure.

Final thoughts:
I actually liked this second book even more than the first.  The third one is just out and I can’t to read it!

To purchase this book:
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