Friday, March 11, 2016

Easter Book Baskets

It is time for my annual Easter Basket post.  Every year my kids get a basket filled with new books and the obligatory chocolate bunny, of course!  This is a wonderful time to start a literary tradition for your family.  My kids look forward to their new reads every year, and yes, also the candy!

Click on the links at the bottom of the post to see some of my baskets from previous years!

Also, I have ideas at the end of the post for themed Easter Book Baskets to really wow your kids and get them excited about the prospect of books!

Basket for my 17 year old son:

Transformer Graphic Novels:
My son is addicted to these.  The stories and artwork are sophisticated and the larger hardback volumes feel quite substantial.  For any kids who enjoy a more modern take on comic books, these are sure to be a hit.

In Real Life:
This book is about a fifteen year old boy who loves math and video games, and surprise, surprise, his parents want him off the computer.  Sounds like a book my son can definitely relate to.

Mad Magazine:
Ok, I was a little lazy here.  His subscription ran out so I saved the renewal as an Easter present.  But I am telling myself it's a lot better than getting the new socks he needs!

Basket for my 14 year old son:

Josh Baxter Levels Up:
This book is about a boy in middle school who really needs some wins.  And let's be honest - what kid in middle school doesn't need that!  When Josh's video games get taken away, he needs to focus on a new strategy for success.  And if you are now starting to sense that my boys are addicted to video games, you may be correct!

Alamo All-Stars:
This is the newest installment in the Nathan Hale series.  These graphic novels based on US history are absolutely as informative as they are entertaining.  I have never known an author who can make history come alive for kids the way Nathan Hale has.  Sadly for you I got an advanced copy from the publisher, since this installment isn't available until right after Easter.  So an IOU or perhaps the first book in the series is also a great gift!

Big Game:
My son is addicted to anything written by Stuart Gibbs.  He will be thrilled with his latest book where the mystery surrounding who wants to get their hands on Ronda the Rhino will provide non stop action, and probably a little rhino excrement.  Well, all in a days work.

Basket for my 12 year old daughter:

Ava XOX:
I really like the Ava and Pip book series because the characters are well written and act their age, which is refreshing.  In this installment Ava is dealing with friends who like boys and her own feelings about this situation.  As my daughter gets ready for middle school, I imagine it is something she will be thinking about.

The Kicks:
This one is really a no brainer.  My daughter loves the author Alex Morgan, she loves soccer and she appreciates the stories about being on a team.  Even though these are probably a little young for her at this point, she wouldn't miss this sixth one in the series.

The Key to Extraordinary:
This book is about strong women, magic and mystery.  My daughter loved the author's previous book, A Snicker of Magic so I think she will devour this one as well.

More Book Basket Themes:

As I was looking for books I came across fabulous themes you might want to incorporate in your book baskets.  What about the full set of graphic novels from The Babysitters Club?  You could also provide a Minecraft themed basket or Star Wars.  I also love the idea of one that has non fiction text such as the Guiness World Records books and National Geographic Almanacs.  Your kids will actually thank you for their Easter books.  Now how lovely is that?

Easter Book Baskets from years past:

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