Thursday, July 7, 2016

Books for Soccer Crazed Girls

If you have a soccer crazed girl, as I do, I wanted to share some books that I have recently enjoyed with my daughter.  To purchase any of the books simply click on the picture which will take you to Amazon.  A portion of each purchase will go back to this blog at no cost to you.

For Soccer-Crazy Girls Only by Erin Downing

My daughter took this book straight to her room when I brought it home.  It really covers everything from warm ups to nutrition, practice to great players and even hairstyles.  I thought it was extremely motivating for her.  It had her thinking about strategies and even gave her the incentive to practice more at home.  The layout makes it a fun, easy read and it is a must have if your daughter dreams of being on the National Team one day!

The U.S. Women's Soccer Team Road to Glory: American Heroes by Noah Davis and Rick Leddy 

This book is a wonderful look at women's soccer, from the team's origin, to it's record breaking victory at the last World Cup. Girls will learn about the women who came before them who built the team and the program, and they will find out more about their favorite players.  I do wish the book read a little more like a story than a history lesson, but it is a fair account of both the victories and the setbacks the women encountered.  Girls will have a renewed appreciation for how far the women have come after reading this book.

Saving the Team (The Kicks) by Alex Morgan 

Despite the fact that these books are a little young for my daughter now, she still devours every one.  They are written by Alex Morgan and profile a team of soccer girls.  Having been on a team for so long, my daughter can relate to so many of the stories and relishes how the girls handle the interactions.  She has also taken some good soccer pointers from the stories - an added bonus.

Breakaway: Beyond the Goal by Alex Morgan

My daughter read this one in one day.  She is a huge fan of Alex Morgan so this book was right up her alley.  A biography of her career in soccer, it is full of inspiration and advice for girls.  While my daughter really enjoyed the book, she did wish that Alex had bigger challenges to overcome.  She felt that Alex, while an incredibly hard working and dedicated soccer player, also had a bit of a charmed life.


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