Friday, July 15, 2016

Delightful Early Chapter Book

I had a chance to look at one of Cornilia Funke's early chapter books recently.  I love her middle grade fiction, so it was nice to see what she is doing for the younger crowd.

This book reminded me of something I would have read as a child, but thankfully it never fell into the trap of feeling old fashioned.  However, that said, it is probably not a book I would pick for kids who like lots of action or their humor on the more explicit side.  It is a quieter funny book, so kids who appreciate that will be drawn to this story.

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Title: The Pirate Pig

Author: Cornelia Funke

Target: Grades 1-3

Series: Funke has a series of early chapter books but each story is independent.

What this book is about: 
Stout Sam and Pip live on Butterfly island where they run a transport service.  They are very content with their lives.  One day they come upon a pig, to whom they immediately become attached.  It turns out she is Pirate Pig that can sniff out treasure on the high seas.  Sam and Pip have no need of treasure but they love their pig.  When Barracuda Bill, the meanest and greediest pirate around, hears of this pig, he steals it and takes it off to his ship.  Now Sam and Pip will have to stage a rescue to get their beloved friend back.

Why I love this book:  
This book was delightful.  I picked it up because I like Cornelia Funke and I was not disappointed.  Sam and Pip are true of heart and they value their friend more than any treasure he can sniff out for them.  A lovely message that never got sappy in the least.  I am not a fan of sappy.

The illustrations kept this book lively and added to the humor of the story.  The book is full of suspense, but it never gets scary.  There is plenty of innocent excitement and laughs which could have felt dated, but thankfully never did.

Who this book is for: 
This book is lovely for independent readers who still need larger text and pictures.  It is a quieter type of funny, so kids who are drawn to that will enjoy this story.

Final thoughts: 
The translation from German was well done.  Sometimes books can feel a little off, but this one was spot on!

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