Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Don't Push the Button Is a Picture Book Your Kids Can't Resist

I love picture books that engage kids to become a part of the story.  For younger kids who don't have the patience to sit through longer books, this engagement becomes a way to make books fun.  Older kids will like moving from passive listener to active participant.

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Title:       Don’t Push the Button

Author:   Bill Cotter

Target:    Preschool - Kindergarten

What this book is about: 
Meet the lovable monster, Larry!  He tells the reader that there is one rule to this book - DON”T push the red button sitting enticingly on the page.  But let’s be honest, big red buttons are even too great a temptation for Larry who finally urges the reader to give it one little push.  What ensues is Larry turning yellow, acquiring polka dots and multiplying rapidly.  Thankfully a scratch to the tummy is all that is needed to set things right, but it really was so much fun, why not do it again!

Why I love this book: 
This book is what comes out when you put Herve Tullet’s Press Here and Mo Willems Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus into a bag and shake.  While creatively it is not a breakthrough, it is a fun read that will engage kids.  

Pull this one out when you need to get your kids actively involved in the book they are reading.  No child will be able to sit still as they can’t wait to find out what happens to Larry when the button gets pushed, the book gets shaken and tummies get tickled.  What is not to love?

Who this book is for: 
Great for kids who love to laugh.  A wonderful book for kids who may have trouble sitting through longer picture books.  Parents can really ham this one up to a child’s delight.

Final thoughts: 
No child will be able to say that books aren’t fun after spending some time with Larry!

To purchase this book:
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