Monday, July 21, 2014

A Book Full of Fun and Games for Kids

I had the chance to recommend The Gollywhopper Games a few years back, but it was one of those stand alone books that was not part of a series.  So imagine my surprise when I saw a new version of the Gollywhopper Games at the library a few weeks back, with the promise of even more sequels.

I anxiously took it home and before I had a chance to turn to the first page, my son had hijacked the book.  Happily it was returned to me the very next morning because he read it straight through the evening.  That my friends is always the best recommendation I can give a story.

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Title:       The Gollywhopper Games: The New Champion

Author:  Jody Feldman

Target:   Grade 3-7

Series:    Yes

What this book is about: 
In this sequel to the wildly popular Gollywhopper Games, the Gollywhopper Toy Co. is at it again.  They are sponsoring another contest where kids have to solve a myriad of puzzles in order to win the $1 million grand prize.  Cameron and his brother Spencer are each competing for the prize, but can they make it through the number problems, alphabet codes and obstacle courses in enough time to be in contention for the big prize?

Why I love this book:  
First off, what is not to love about a contest in a toy factory.  This second book focused even more on the puzzles and riddles and was not burdened with setting up the premise for the story.  

A lot of the fun for kids is finding out the challenges and seeing if they can figure them out, although I will warn you, the puzzles are tough.  While the characters are fairly formulaic, the setting is quite fun and the story moves at a good pace.

Who this book is for: 
Kids should read the first book Gollywhopper Games before this one.  There are references to the previous story and the winners of the first contest are revealed in this book.  This book is for kids who like puzzles with some action thrown in.

Final thoughts: 
Action and brainteasers to keep kids guessing.  What is not to love?  Also, the new covers strongly remind me of Candy Crush, perhaps a sign of the times.

To purchase this book:
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