Friday, November 21, 2014

Fun Elementary School Series for Grades 3-5

My daughter pulled out a series I hadn't thought of in a while and she fell in love with it.  She read all nine books in rapid succession and it left me scratching my head about why I hadn't grabbed it for her sooner.  It reminded me that even though I may have recommended a series in the past, if your child wasn't ready for it yet, it probably went right over your head.

That's why it is nice to comb through the archives and revisit books that may have been published a few years back, but still remain great reads.  This week I am highlighting the series my daughter reminded me is a wonderful book for elementary school girls.  She is so good to have around!

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Title:The Sisters Eight

Author:Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Target:Grades 3-5


What this book is about: 
On New Year’s Eve a set of octuplets wait for their parents, but their parents never show up.  It seems that they have disappeared.  The girls find a strange note that says they must each find their power and a gift to reveal what has happened to their parents.  Since the girls are desperate to reunite their family and they don’t want to be separated, they must continue to live as though their parents are home, not letting the outside world know that these eight sisters are fending for themselves.  Each book profiles one sister as they search for their power and their gift.

Why I love this book: 
First off the premise of eight octuplet sisters is just charming.  Each girl has her own look and personality and I found my daughter discussing each one with her friends.    

I also think kids secretly like the idea of being able to fend for themselves without parents.  There is something empowering about the girls having to cook, clean and pay bills for on their own and I imagine most kids harbor that fantasy, for a short period of time.

This book also had a good adventure and mystery.  I am anxious to find out the powers of the other sisters as well as the top secret project the girl’s mother was working on.  I think they may be related (I’m quick that way with books)

Who this book is for:
The books have cute illustrations throughout.  The series is a nice step up from early chapter books, but it doesn't feel intimidating.  

Final thoughts:
The Sister’s Eight has nine books in the series.  I just thought that was funny for a series with eight in the title, but it takes little to amuse me.

To purchase this book:
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