Thursday, November 6, 2014

Non Fiction and Graphic Novels for 2015

The fun continues with more finds from my visit with publishers this week in San Francisco.  They presented their books coming out in Winter and Spring 2015 and gave us an advanced look at some of their favorites!

I have given you my picture book picks so I will move on to the cavalcade of miscellaneous books that looked extremely intriguing that I don't want to miss.

Saturday will be my last installment from this meeting were I will share some wonderful chapter books that caught my eye.

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Non Fiction

First Flight Around the World by Time Grove
In 1924, the US, Great Britain, France, Portugal, Italy and Argentina were all trying to circumnavigate the globe by plane.  This book is about the race to be first.  I love that it is squarely for kids in grades 4-6.  What kid isn't fascinated by a competition that includes actual death defying stunts and serious national pride?  I can't wait to read it!

Mesmerized by Mara Rockliff and Bruno Iacopo
When Benjamin Franklin sets out to expose a shyster who is convincing the people of Paris that he controls a magic force, Franklin unwittingly shows the development and practice of the scientific method!  I love that this book has a bigger message for kids and the illustrations I saw were absolutely gorgeous.  I reminded me a bit of The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins.

Extraordinary People by Michael Hearst
There were several things I liked about this book.  First the layout was unconventional so it felt more like discovering information rather than reading traditional text.  I also thought the individuals they chose were intriguing.  Sam Patch who jumped Niagra Falls for $75, Helen Thayer who walked to the North Pole alone and Larry Walters who used 40 helium balloons and a lawn chair to carry himself into the sky were all unconventional choices for the book and again made it feel like a find.

How to Draw with Your Funny Bone by Elwood Smith
This one struck me because I have a daughter with a serious art bent and I have absolutely no talent for the arts of any kind.  This book is a tutorial for young kids to help them draw bicycle riding pigs and jousting ketchup bottles.  I can't wait to show this one to my art hungry offspring!

Graphic/Illustrated Novel

Macbeth by Gareth Hinds
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Gareth Hinds adaptation of The Odyssey.  It was brilliant, so I am really looking forward to his version of Macbeth.  I know my oldest son will devour this one.  I just wish it were available in time to make it a Christmas gift!

The Underground Abductor by Nathan Hale
This is the fifth book in one of my favorite series for kids.  There is really nothing out there that makes history this engaging for students.  In this latest installment he is focusing on Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad.  It will be a permanent addition to our collection.


The Death of the Hat by Paul Janeczko
Poetry doesn't usually excite me that much ... I always feel embarrassed saying that.  But this book intrigued me.  Maybe it was the look at poetry throughout the ages inspired by objects that had me.  However, more than likely it is the title.  My dad wore a hat in the day, and now they are completely obsolete for men.  I guess I like the idea of history through poetry focusing on unique objects.  I look forward to checking this book out.

Bigfoot is Missing by Kenn Nesbitt and J. Patrick Lewis
I love the idea of disguising poems in the artwork of this book.  Not only is the subject matter of shadowy myths and fearsome creatures inciting, but finding the poems on boxes and bookshelves makes it engaging for kids.  I am just intrigued by taking poetry out of expected and I can't wait to read this book.   It is not often I say that about a poetry book.  Yes, even I can grow.

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