Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Books for Your Fashionista

With the holidays around the corner it is time to get you gift giving hat on, but in this case make sure that it is on trend!  If you have a teen/tween with a fashion bent, then today I have a wonderful series that she would be delighted to see under the tree.

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Title:The Allegra Biscotti Collection

Author:Olivia Bennett

Target:Grades 5-8


What this book is about: 
Emma loves to design outfits.  In her spare time she sews her creations at her father’s lace warehouse.  When the fashion editor from a high end magazine accidentally sees and falls in love with her work, Emma invents a sophisticated designer, Allegra Biscotti as the creator of the dresses.  When the editor promotes her work in the magazine, the lies Emma must tell go deeper and deeper.  Can she make it all work, or will her schoolwork and friendships suffer as a result?

Why I love this book: 
My favorite part of the book was Emma’s attitude about clothes.  I love how she has a fresh and independent perspective and it made me look at my own choices in a new light.  She sees fashion as art and a mixture of textures and story telling.  I think this will give kids a new take on their own fashion decisions.

I also liked Emma’s issues with her best friend Holly.  Holly is making new friends that aren’t quite a fit with Emma.  How they both deal with this felt real and it is an issue lots of girls face.

Who this book is for: 
Any girl obsessed with Project Runway will immediately fall in love with this book.  But the book is also great for girls with an artistic leaning, who like to create art in many forms.

Final thoughts: 
I just adored the smaller fashion illustrations scattered throughout the story.  I always say that books for bigger kids should have great pictures, and these drawings are absolutely charming.

To purchase this book:
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