Friday, December 12, 2014

If You Buy One Christmas Book This Year ...

This is the one!

My favorite thing when the kids were young was to put out a book basket filled with holiday themed books about three weeks before Christmas.  The kids only saw them once a year, so they were always exciting and it provided what felt like new reading material even though the books were recycled from year to year (and even from my childhood!)

However, I always tried to add one or two new stories to spice up the selections.  If my kids were still in that phase, the book I am profiling today would have, without a doubt, earned a coveted spot in the basket this year.

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Title:Here Comes Santa Cat

Author:Deborah Underwood

Target:Anyone who loves Christmas stories

What this book is about: 
Our funny cat is at it again.  This year he is afraid that Santa won’t bring him any presents because he has been a lot more naughty than nice.  He tries, with little success, to make up for his disobedient ways by caroling, delivery gifts to kids and decorating the town Christmas tree.  However, his less than melodic voice, the gift of fish and an incident with the Christmas lights thwart his best efforts. It is not until he performs an unexpected act of kindness that Santa makes him his helper and he is off to a wonderful holiday.

Why I love this book: 
Cat is extremely funny and kids will laugh at all his ill fated antics.  I especially enjoy the conversation between the narrator and the cat.  The comedic timing is perfect and the way Claudia Rueda captures cat’s expressive facial expressions is priceless.  Since cat doesn’t talk, their conversation is a series of “looks” and signboards which are extremely clever.

Who this book is for: 
All kids will enjoy this one. but only if they like clever, funny holiday books.  You have been warned.

Final thoughts: 
It’s never too late to start being nice.  Just ask the Grinch … and cat!

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