Monday, December 29, 2014

Sports and Math In a Can't Put Down Read for Kids

As the year comes to an end and bowl games are in full force, what a better way to finish up 2014 than with a book that shows kids how football and math are inextricably linked.  I mean could I have dreamed up a better combination?

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Title: The Rookie Bookie

Authors: L. Wertheim and Tobias Moskowitz

Target:Grades 4-7


What this book is about: 
Mitch is new in town and his middle school is all about sports.  However, Mitch is a kid who is good at math, and not a particularly good athlete.  He finds that to fit in he can use his skills at math and the student’s love of sports to start a betting ring.  When the administration finds out and he gets punished, he has to put his talents to better use.  What better way then to help the school football team, by using his statistical knowledge, to end their losing streak.

Why I love this book: 
First off I love books that help show kids that math is important, even if they play football!  This book does a great job of showing kids financial analysis and statistics, without ever feeling like it is preaching to them.

I also liked Mitch.  Maybe because my son loves sports and math, but is only good at the latter, I felt a certain kinship to him.  While the betting ring was entertaining, my favorite part of the book was when he was able to make game decisions based on the statistics he collected.  

Who this book is for: 
Any kid who has ever had a fantasy football team will love this book.  It is great for kids who play sports and kids who simply enjoy watching the games.  It is The Lemonade War for sports kids.

Final thoughts: 
The authors are an editor for Sports Illustrated and a Finance Professor respectively, so they know about what they write, and it shows.

To purchase this book:
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