Monday, May 12, 2014

The Selection Is a Can't Put Down Read

This week I have a book that is a cross between The Bachelor and Hunger Games.  This book definitely falls into the higher end of my age range, but it is fun addictive reading at it's finest.  No awards here, but I guarantee a can't put down read.

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Title:       The Selection

Author:   Kiera Cass

Target:    Grades 7 and up

Series:     Yes

What this book is about: 
America Singer is a Five.  In fact every person has a number which designates their role in the caste system in Illea.  A One signifies royalty and a Six is no better than an indentured servant.  Prince Maxon is required to select a girl of Illea to marry and a lottery is held.  America is determined not to enter.  She is in love with Aspen, who is a Six, and it is very difficult to marry down.   In fact, so difficult, Aspen has broken America’s heart in order to save her from the burden of life as a Six.   But America’s mother is determined to have her children rise in rank, and when America is selected to be one of thirty five girls from which Prince Maxon has to chose, America goes to show Aspen he cannot break her.   

Why I love this book:  
Ok this book is pure guilty pleasure.  Think Hunger Games meets The Bachelor (with no fights to the death).  While this is not the type of book I usually like, even I got completely caught up in this one and read it in one day!  This is the stuff juicy soap operas are made of.  I wish I could tell you there were larger redeeming qualities to the book, and on some level the author does try to address the issues of a class system and discovering oneself, but that is not what keeps you reading.

The story is actually reminiscent of Shannon Hale’s Princess Academy, but juicier.

Who this book is for: 
I have rated it for a higher grade level because of the sexual content.  Now let me explain.  There is no actual sex in the book, but there is lustful longing and references to virginity.  It is really all very tame, but the references do take the story up a notch.  If your children have read the Twilight series this will be on par for them.

Final thoughts:  
At this point I am team Maxon, but we will have to see after the second book!  Addictive stuff!

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