Friday, July 10, 2015

A Truly Interactive Kid's Book

Today I have a book that you won't find all that often ... it's wearable! We all want our kids to interact with books, and this particular story takes that challenge literately.  My daughter and her friends, who are way past the board book stage, couldn't put this one down. so really it is fun for the whole family. How great is that?  Scroll down to the end of the post to see our group enjoying their new facial hair!

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Title: Book-O-Beards

Author: Lemke & Lentz

Target:  Any Age

Series: Yes!  There is a Book-O-Hats, Book-O-Masks and Book-O-Teeth

What this book is about: 
This board book has four line rhymes per two page spread that identify a particular profession (although I don’t know if you can technically call Pirate a profession).  The listener can actually “wear” the book while the reader shares the clues in the rhyme.  The next thing you know, your listeners are turned into police officers, lumber jacks, and yes, even the jolly man himself!

Why I love this book: 
Kids will get a real hoot out of becoming the character by “wearing” the beards.  Have a mirror or an iphone handy while reading so that they can see themselves transform into a horse loving cowboy or a salty sailor!  You will definitely want to capture the fun.  Don’t be surprised if they make you transform and try to snap a pic!

Who this book is for: 
Fun interactive book for kids who aren’t in the mood for a traditional story time.

Final thoughts:
It is impossible not to have fun with this book!  I mean come on … it’s wearable.  How many books can you say that about?

To purchase this book:
Click on the following link to connect to Amazon: Book-O-Beards: A Wearable Book (Wear-A-Book) (Wearable Books)  A portion of each purchase goes to support this blog at no cost to you.  Thank you for your support.

Almost mistook these girls for the dreaded Captain Hook and the Jolly Saint Nick!

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