Monday, July 20, 2015

Girl Empowerment

Today I have a fun book that is based on the first female detective at the Pinkerton Detective Agency.  The heroines in this story are courageous, feisty and master's of disguise, so be prepared for dangerous exploites and daring acts of heroism. How fun is that?

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Title: The Detective’s Assistant

Author: Kate Hannigan

Target: Grades 5-7

Series: No

What this book is about: 
Eleven year old Nell is orphaned and the only relative the local reverend can find is a long lost aunt in Chicago.  Nell’s aunt wants nothing to do with her, as she is one of the only female detectives at the Pinkerton Detective Agency!  As Nell tries to become invaluable to her so she won’t be sent away, she finds she has a knack for helping her aunt solve a series of crimes.  All this happens with the backdrop of Lincoln being elected President and Nell corresponding with her best friend, a free black girl who has run away to Canada to escape the nefarious slave catchers. 

Why I love this book: 
First off this is a lovely book about female empowerment!  While the book is a work of fiction, Nell’s aunt was based on the first woman to become a detective with Pinkerton and the author’s notes in the back fill us in on the actual Kate Warne.  

I also loved the relationship between Nell and her aunt.  They are both strong headed women who grow to love and respect each other, but they never break character and get too mushy or sentimental.  

Finally, the backdrop of the election of Lincoln and the underground railroad provide a lovely history lesson for kids without shifting the main focus of the story between the two women and their crime solving escapades.

Who this book is for: 
This book will be enjoyed by kids who like historical fiction, feisty female heroines and more mystery solving.  This book reminded me of the PK Pinkerton Mysteries although the actual similarities are slight.  

Final thoughts: 
This is a fun story with spunky characters and great crime solving based on real events.  

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  1. There's a nonfiction book on Pinkerton coming out soon, by Samantha Seiple. Thought it was interesting that Pinkerton's sons wanted to discontinue use of female operatives and he said NO! Fun fact: my younger daughter is Nell. Used to be very popular name... 100 years ago!