Friday, July 3, 2015

Interactive Summer Read for Kids

I thought I would share a book I reviewed several years ago that I just recommended for a friend's son.  Sometimes with all the new releases, the great books from the past get lost in the shuffle.  This book is a fun read, packed full of smart information and kids must make choices throughout the story to determine what will happen next.  The best part is that only one set of decisions will get them to a successful conclusion, so expect them to read this one over and over again!

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Title:The Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure:Everest: You Decide How to Survive!
Authors: Bill Doyle and David Borgenicht
Target: Grades 4-6

Series: Yes
What this book is about: 
This book is rooted in the pick you own adventure books of the past.  You are part of the youngest team to climb Mt. Everest and your choices throughout the story determine whether you will successfully make the climb.  With 26 book endings, only one will get you to the top!
Why I love this book: 
This book is loads of fun and because it is based in fact, I learned quite a bit about the Nepalese culture, Everest and climbing.  There are comic pages dispersed throughout the book, but the majority of the book is text, so do not be concerned.  My son and I kept at this story until we successfully made the climb.
Who this book is for: 
This book is wonderful for reluctant readers because they are active participants in the narrative.   It is also a great book for kids who like adventures. 

Final thoughts:
A fun book, well written with quite a lot of interesting facts, but don’t eat the apple pie!  You have been warned.

To purchase this book:
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