Monday, August 17, 2015

Teen Novel Full of Intrigue

Ok, it's the end of the summer break and your kids have been reading all summer ... right?  Well if they have, bravo!  If not, times a wasting, so get a good book in their hands pronto.  It is never too late to read about murder and mayhem in our Nation's capital.  See, now don't you feel better.

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Title: The Fixer

Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Target: Grades 7 and up

Series: This is the first book in a planned series

What this book is about: 
Tess Kendrick lost her parents when she was young has been living with her grandfather on their farm.  When alzheimer’s takes over her grandfather, her older sister, who has been absent most of her life, takes Tess in.  Turns out that her sister Ivy is what is called a “fixer” in Washington.  Ivy gets things done for the people in power who need it the most.  As Tess befriends other kids of powerful Washington players, they come to her with their problems thinking she possesses the same skill set as her dear old sis.  But Tess hasn’t forgiven Ivy for abandoning her and doesn’t want to follow in Ivy’s footsteps.  The trouble is, the problems she learns about are just too big to walk away from.  Can she do this on her own and help her friends?

Why I love this book: 
Oh, this one was full of intrigue and suspense.  The chapters are short and always seem to end just when I wanted to know more.  How clever you are Jennifer Barnes!

The premise was a bit far fetched, but it worked.  Think a teen version of Scandal.  I am happy to report that the book is not littered with romance.  That would have felt far too calculated with everything else that is going on so it was fun to keep the focus on Washington power brokers and solving the mystery of the dead Supreme Court Justice.  This one is an edge of your seat read, so be prepared to have your teen stay up way past their bedtime.

Who this book is for: 
Any kid who liked the Allly Carter books or The Naturals will certainly enjoy this one.  This is smart thriller for kids who like intelligent action.  There are a few murders in the book so if you have kids on the younger side, you were warned.

Final thoughts: 
Teens will get their reading “fix” with this one.  Get it?

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