Friday, March 21, 2014

A Book Your Kids Won't Put Down

Today I am pulling one of my favorite books out of the archives.  This book has it all ... action, adventure, drama.  I have yet to give it to a child and not have it become one of his/her favorite books.  It is also especially appealing to reluctant readers.

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Title:       Peak

Author:   Roland Smith

Target:    Grades  5-8

Series:     No

What this book is about:
Peak is the son of two climbers.  When he gets in trouble for scaling tall buildings in New York City, the only way to stay out of the Juvenile Detention Center is to join his father who is preparing a team to climb Mount Everest.  Peak hasn’t spoken to his father in years, and it appears that his father’s enthusiasm for taking him along has less to do with catching up, than making his son the youngest climber to reach the peak.  However, Peak can’t resist the allure of the biggest climbing challenge and so he tries to make history.

Why I love this book:
The ending in this book is not a given, which makes it incredibly exciting.  I was absolutely hooked to see if Peak makes it to the top (and no I will give nothing away!)  

However, what makes this book better than just an exciting adventure is what we learn about the mountain and the Tibetans who risk their lives for these climbers.  I thought I knew a little about Everest, but this book taught me so much more.  It is part history lesson, part climbing primer and part adventure. 

Who this book is for:
Great adventure book.  I think most kids, especially boys, will gravitate towards this story.

Final thoughts:
This book is a winner on so many levels!

To purchase this book: 
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