Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Most Lovely Picture Book

I am targeting a little younger audience today with this picture book, but it is just so charming, I couldn't resist!    There are actually three books in this series and each one is just as lovely as the next.  This one is about when our boy Henry was small,  the second is about when his mother was small and the third is about where he came from.  The illustrations by Julie Morstad are prepossessing, enchanting and elevate these books to special little treasures.

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Title:       When You Were Small

Author:   Sara O’Leary

Target:    Preschool - Kindergarten

What this book is about:
Henry asks his father every night, “Tell me about when I was small.”  And Henry’s father tells him about all the adventures he had, such as giving Henry baths in the teapot and just pouring him out through the spout when he was done, brushing his hair with a toothbrush and carrying Henry around in his shirt pocket.

Why I love this book:
Oh, let me count the ways.  First the book itself has simple drawings and no jacket cover, that evoke a very charming and retro feel, without being old fashioned.  Second, there is a sly humor to the book as if the father is hinting to Henry that these aren’t quite real memories but ones to make him smile.  And lastly the fun of Henry’s adventures will delight any young one.

Who this book is for:
Children who love hearing stories of when they were young, which is probably all children!

Final thoughts:
This book is full of love and humor without ever being too sappy or sentimental

To purchase this book:
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  1. Thanks so much, Freya. That was the most lovely review!