Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Funniest Picture Book This Year

Funny picture book alert!  If you read this blog, you know that I love books that cause my listeners to laugh until they cry, giggle until they can't breath and spit milk through their nose as they crack up.  I have a high, or some might say a very low bar.  But irregardless, I see my job as providing you with books that will make your children love words ... and this book will do that in spades.

After you read all my insightful musings on this book,  you will be rewarded with a video of the author reading a portion of the story at the end of the blog.  It really is your lucky day!

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Title:       The Book With No Pictures

Author:  B.J. Novak

Target:  Preschool - Grade 2

What this book is about:  
Siliness is the name of the game in this new offering.  This book really has no pictures, so the author diligently reminds the kids that the person reading the book has to read ALL the words … no matter what.  The reader is then reduced to having to claim that he/she is a robot monkey with blueberry pie for a head, their best friend is a hippo named Boo Boo Butt and that the child listening to the story is The Best Kid Ever!  I dare you to name a child who can resist this one!

Why I love this book:  
Laughter!  My son was laughing so hard while I read this book that he almost spit milk out of his nose - which met the criteria I have outlined above for a funny book so I knew I had a winner.  While Boo Boo Butt will of course reduce kids to a cacophony of giggling, this book allows any adult, even the less theatric, to play up the fun.

I love that the author added engaging side notes in the book where the adult is appalled that he/she has to say all these things.  It is also delightful in a picture book when the words are the star of the show.  As kids move into books with fewer and fewer illustrations, this reminds them how powerful text can be!

Who this book is for: 
Kids who like to laugh and parents who are willing to make fools of themselves for the joy of books.

Final thoughts: 
While I am normally not a fan of celebrities writing children’s books, when an actor who has won an Emmy for comedy writing decides to bring his talents to the children’s arena, I am thrilled.  Smart humor is always in style, especially when it is directed at the younger set, who lets be honest, will laugh at anything with the word butt in it.

To purchase this book:
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Now enjoy the author reading a portion of his book to an audience of delighted kids!


  1. Seeing him read it makes it all the more appealing - we can follow his example. My favorite line..."a hippo named BOO BOO BUTT" Haha! The kids went crazy. :)

    1. That is exactly the part when milk came out of my son's nose.