Monday, October 20, 2014

Great Chapter Book for Grades 4-6

Stuart Gibbs is one of the authors that I love to recommend to kids.  Not as many people have heard of him (although that is changing quickly) and his books are well written, full of likable characters, have plenty of action, and employ just the right amount of gross humor.  I rarely fail to get a kid excited about reading with his books, and lets be honest, I like to win ... a lot!

This latest offering is well aligned with his previous books set in the animal park.  He is starting to get a little formulaic, which is good and bad.  I think kids like the predictability of knowing this book will be a good read but as an adult I would like to see him branch out a bit.  He is such a good writer that I think he may have different stories to tell us that challenge kids in a new way.

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Title:       Space Case

Author:  Stuart Gibbs

Target:   Grades 4-8

Series:    No, but the author has similar books: Poached and Belly Up

What this book is about: 
The year is 2040 and America has created a colony on the moon.  Sadly for Dashiell, a twelve year old kid, living on the moon is not as exciting as some might think.  But then the base physician is found dead outside of the air lock.  While most people think he went crazy, Dash isn’t so sure.  Suddenly Dash is busy trying to find out the truth, but not everyone wants him digging too deep.

Why I love this book: 
Gibbs is one of those authors that delivers every time.  First off he hooks readers with his just on the verge of gross it's cool antics, which in this case involve the workings of a space toilet.  He then hits you with a mystery where the kid is the only one to see the truth.  Finally, he empowers his main character to solve the mystery with lots of action, adventure and a great side kick.  It is a predictable formula but he does it so well that he grabs me every time.

While his other like type mysteries are set it an animal park, this one on the moon is quite enlightening.  It was fun to learn a little about what it might be like to colonize the moon and I think it does paint a realistic picture of what that would entail.  Of course Dash is engaging and likable and you are rooting for him from the start.

Who this book is for: 
This is a great book for kids who like mysteries and action books  If you kids liked Loot or any of Chris Rylander’s books, this one will be a slam dunk.

Final thoughts: 
Gibbs delivers again with a book that is out of this world!

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  1. Hm, I don't usually go for books like this, but I've added it to my list. I'm going to give it a try :)