Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Must Read for First Grade Kids

I love a funny picture book.  But even more, I love a funny picture book if it has a valuable lesson attached to it.  Today I have a book that delivers giggles and a wonderful message.  So often our kids see their mistakes as the center of everything, when in reality they are often the only ones who really notice.  This book is a lovely reminder that we are all a bit self absorbed and that we can laugh at even the most embarrassing situations.

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Title: First Grade Dropout

Author: Audrey Vernick

Target: Kindergarten - Grade 2

What this book is about: 
When our main character has an embarrassing thing happen at school, all he wants to do is drop out, invent a time machine, or cast a unsay spell.  All he can think about is how the kids laughed at him.  When he gets to soccer practice he is ready for a storm of ridicule, but to his surprise, instead his friend Tyler makes a gaffe.  As he tries hard not to laugh, he realizes that perhaps not everyone is quite as obsessed with his mistake as he is.  Also, laughing at your own mistakes is part of accepting that you won’t always get things right.

Why I love this book: 
This book is funny in such a bright way.  The timing of the story is perfect as a read aloud and kids will laugh at both the story and with a knowing understanding of the times they messed up.

I love that the book doesn’t diminish the utter embarrassment our main character feels, but it also shows kids that they too have laughed at others foibles and that they can laugh at themselves.  It is a wonderful lesson wrapped up in a engaging and humorous read.

Who this book is for: 
This should be required reading for first grade teachers to their class!

Final thoughts: 
This clever and  funny story has a wonderful way of showing kids that even  the most embarrassing situation shall pass.

To purchase this book:
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