Monday, October 26, 2015

Heart Pounding Book for Kids

When asked what book to give reluctant boy readers, I always fall back on Peak.  This book has so much to draw kids in: action, climbing, excitement, thrills at every turn.  I have yet to give it to a kid who hasn't loved it.

So I was so excited when I saw Roland Smith had created another adventure for our main character Peak.  He has done it again with a book that leaves you breathless and turning pages as a particularly fast clip. I wouldn't mind more books about Peak Mr. Roland, if you are so inclined.

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Title: The Edge

Author: Roland Smith

Target: Grade 6 and up

Series: This is a companion book to Peak

What this book is about: 
Fifteen year old Peak has come back from climbing Everest and is happy to be home.  But when his film crew from Everest shows up to tell him he has been selected as the U.S. representative for a Peace Climb to take place with young climbers around the world, Peak is anxious to get going.  His climbing location is Afghanistan and the trip quickly becomes a nightmare when some in his party are murdered and the rest captured by an unknown enemy.  Peak has eluded the kidnapers and now goes after them because his mother is one of the hostages.  

Why I love this book: 
Everyone in my family are huge fans of Smith’s first book Peak!  I literately had to negotiate my way to this sequel with my middle son so that I could read it first.  (Yes, there were a few extra hours of Doda exchanged and some resentful looks!)  Smith has done it again with an edge of your seat thriller that your kids will not be able to put down.  For the record, when my son did get the book we had to negotiate when he would put it away because he literately didn’t want to stop reading.

There are some issues with this story that make it not quite as strong as Peak.  The secondary characters are not well developed and the consequences and emotional fallout from the murder of the hostages is glossed over, but your kids probably won’t notice these.  They will be too caught up in the heart pounding action and engaging protagonist Peak to notice anything but the compelling narrative.

Who this book is for: 
This is a great book for kids who like action and adventure.  As with Peak, it is a wonderful way to draw in reluctant boy readers because of the climbing sequences and nerve pounding exploits.  While kids do not have to have read the first book to enjoy this one, the ending of Peak is revealed in this story so don't spoil the experience if you are planning to read the first book.

Final thoughts: 
I dare a kid to say books are boring after reading this story!

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