Monday, February 1, 2016

A Can't Miss Valentine's Day Book for Kids

Well Valentines Day is just around the corner and along with chocolate hearts and cards, why not get your children a book that puts a little love in their hearts?  Today I have a wonderful new addition to the Here Comes Cat series that is just as delightful as the other books and perfect for any kid who thinks Valentine's Day may not be for them.

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Title: Here Comes Valentine Cat

Author: Deborah Underwood

Target: Preschool - Grade 3

Series: Yes!

What this book is about: 
Cat is back and this time he is rejecting all the mushy confines of the holiday.  Add to that a new neighbor, Dog, who is howling and chucking bones and balls over the fence, and Cat is in no mood to send a Valentine.  However, when Cat gets a Valentine from Dog, he learns that perhaps Dog’s mean behavior was really something else after all.  Just maybe Cat can craft a Valentine for Dog that might not be too mushy!

Why I love this book:
  • This story is told as a conversations between the narrator who speaks and cat who expresses himself through signs and well placed facial expressions.   Their back and forth is priceless as the narrator tries to convince Cat that Dog isn’t that bad and Cat remains convinced that a trip to space for Dog is the only option.
  • I always think there must be a dud in this series, but with four books each one is as charming as the next.
  • I love it when a book has intelligent humor that translates so well for both kids and adults.
Who this book is for: 
Any kid who loves the other Cat books will not be disappointed.  If your kids like Pete the Cat, this one will also be a hit.  Of course, readers have to like laughing or forget it, this is not the book for them.

Final thoughts: 
There should be a gift set with all four books which I would buy in bulk for baby showers.  Every kid should get to know Cat!

To purchase this book:
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