Monday, February 29, 2016

Super Books for Kids

I am dubbing this week Super Hero Week on the blog.  I will be posting books about kids who posses super powers which they are using for good!  Now, after reading these books, kids will realize that being a super hero may not always be as good as it sounds, but a cool outfit (with or without cape) is always in style.

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Title: School for Sidekicks

Author: Kelly McCullough

Target: Grades 4-8

Series: Not at this time

What this book is about: 
Evan Quick has been living in a world of Masks (good guys) and Hoods (bad guys) who have superpowers.  His dream is to one day become a Mask so that he can serve and protect.  When super villains attack during a school outing, Evan finds that he does posses some unique abilities and lands in the school for sidekicks.  However, he quickly learns that nothing about the world he believed in is quite as it seems.

Why I love this book:
  • Evan Quick is such a believable and likable kid.  He totally had me in the first chapter when he says, “Nobody tells stories about kids like me who slide through school with no real connections and no real enemies.  Kids who are just there.”  I think so many kids see themselves that way.  But fear not, Evan is smart and realistic and when his superpower banter kicks in, quite funny.
  • There are a lot of super heroes with a lot of different powers.  I got a little lost from time to time but if you can handle the vast array of unique abilities, then this book is a page turner.  I had to go back occasionally to remember who was who.
  • This book is about superheroes!  Do I really have to say more?
Who this book is for:  
This book is for kids who like action and adventure.  Kids who enjoyed Percy Jackson should give this one a try.  Also great for kids who enjoyed the Cloak series, John David Anderson books or stories by Mathew Cody.

Final thoughts: 
When the old timers in this story are basically my age it hurts …. it just hurts.

To purchase this book:
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